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Mental Emotional Spiritual Physical
By L'dia Men-Na'a


The centuries old ancient art of utilizing essential oils.

Nerves that respond to smell are wired into the brain & the stimuli are sent to the limbic center. These nerve pathways are interwoven throughout the limbic system sending a continuous flow of electrochemical impulses that direct human drives & emotions. The scent has an effect on the hypothalamus part of the brain. This part influences the hormonal system, affecting moods & feelings of depression, metabolism, stress levels & libido.



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HWR Life Path Awakening For Knowledge Of Self


(Immune System/Mental Focus)

[_]Eucalyptus Radiata 2,3,4,8,9 (Sharp-Lemony) top.  For little intellectual enthusiasm/sluggishness & mental exhaustion. Relieves grief & sorrow, invigorating.  Gentle for youth.  

[_]Frankincense 3,4 (Balsam Spicy) base/middle.  Concentration, visualization meditation, good for stress, despair elevates mood, calming, strengthening inner guidance & intuition, good for dreams.  Solomon 3:6

[_]Grapefruit* 4,6  (Fruity Sweet-Zesty) Mental exhaustion, mental clarity, anxiety, depression, inspiring, uplifting, renews zest for life, euphoric, confidence.

[_]Juniper* 1,4,6,7 (Spicy) middle/top note. Meditation, uplifts low energy & anxieties, protection, purification

[_]Lemon 3,6,7(Citrus Lemony Sharp)top.  Uplifts, mental fatigue.  

[_]Lemongrass* 9 (Citrus-Lemony) top note.      Strengthens concentration, improves mental clarity           

[_]Melaleuca 9 (TeaTree)9(Herbaceous) top. Calming, protection.  

[_]Myrrh* 5,7 (Smoky) base/middle note. Meditation, revitalizes emotions, restorative,



[_]Cedarwood* 6,7 (Woody-Camphorlike) base note. Calms, strengthening, alleviating fears, aggression, depression, grounding, intensifies spiritual faith, Wisdom.

[_]Chamomile (Roman) 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 (Sweet-fruity-like) middle/top. Calms, over sensitivity, produces inner peace. Good for restless youth.  

[_]Bergamot 1,4,5,7,9 (Citrus-lemony-Spicy)top note.  Balances, uplifts, nervous tension, antidepressant, builds confidence, opens heart   

[_]Clary Sage*1,6, 7(Earth Floral Nutty) middle/top.  Artistic inspiration, calms fears, relaxing, euphoria, calms panic & paranoia.  

[_]Cypress* 2,3,6,7 (Woody-Pine-Spicy Cool) middle/base.  Comforts, brings structure & collection of thoughts, absent minded, supports moments of transitions/loss.  Isaiah 44:14

[_]Grapefruit* 3,4,6 (Fruity Sweet-Zesty) top note.  Mental exhaustion, mental clarity, anxiety, depression, inspiring, uplifting, renews zest for life, euphoric, confidence.  

[_]Jasmine* 4, 6, 9 (Floral-Honeylike)   Low self-confidence, paranoia, uplifting, Cheers, refreshes, uplifts, energizing, antidepressant, mood enhancing 

[_]Lavender 1,2,4,5,6,7, 8,9 (Sweet-Floral) top/middle.  Boosts energy, balancing, strengthening, soothing anguish, trauma 

[_]Marjoram* 1,2,4,5,9 (Woody-Peppery) middle.   Calms, sedates, soothes tension, helpful for anxiety attacks 

[_]Mimosa* 3,8  (Warm) (Flowery banana-like).  Encourages communication.        

[_]Neroli 1,2,4,5 (Foral-Rich) top/middle note.  Subconscious fears, hysteria, relaxes nervous tension euphoric 

[_]Patchouli 1(Earthy) base.   Calms hysteria, releases negative emotions, self doubts regarding finances, sensual.   

[_]Petitgrain 1,6  Citrus-Flowery) top note.  Stimulates, supports memory, balancing, uplifting, creates emotional equilibrium, gladdens heart, opens new perspectives.  

[_]Rosemary**  1,2,6    (Sweet-Woody-Medicinal)middle note.  Helps restore mental alertness, refreshes, uplifts, Antidepressant, invigorating  

[_]Spearmint* 4  (Minty) Increases memory, & concentration, releases emotional blocks, increases well-being




[_]Cinnamon Bark* 2(Warm-Spicy) middle   Strengthens intuitive awareness, creativity, sensual,      prosperity, Psalm 45:8

[_]Ginger 8,9 (Spicy-Sweet) middle.  Mental confusion, courage in matters of money 

[_]Orange 1, 2,3, 9 (Citrus Sweet) top.  Balances, harmonizes, relaxes, good for sadness, brings peace 

[_]Sandalwood 2,4,5,6,7 (Woody) base.  Relaxes, centers, relieves aggression, egocentricity John 19:39

[_]Spikenard* 6 (Floral-Spicy) middle/base.  Good for those who nurture and heal others, soothing, relaxing.  Mark 14:3

[_]Vetiver 5 (Earthy-Smoky)base. For rootlessness & recovery from emotional trauma, shock, money stress, relaxing

[_]Ylang ylang 1,2,4,5,6,7 (Sweet Floral Exotic)middle/base.   Relieves tension, self-esteem,  



[_]Black Pepper* 2 (Spicy) middle/top.  Comforts & energizes.   

[_]Cardamon*  3,4 (Warm-Spicy)top note.  Enhances spirituality, for weakness in heart due to emotions          

[_]Clary Sage*1,6, 7 (Earth Floral Nutty) middle/topArtistic inspiration, calms fears, relaxing, euphoria, calms panic & paranoia

[_]Geranium 1, 4 (Floral-Roselike) top/middle.   Antidepressant, releases negative memories, calms nervousness.  

[_]Ginger 8,9 (Spicy-Sweet) middleMental confusion, sensual 

[_]Jasmine*4, 6, 9 (Floral-Honeylike)middle/topLow self-confidence, paranoia, uplifting, Cheers, refreshes, uplifts, energizing, antidepressant, mood enhancing

[_]Nutmeg* 3, 4 (Sweet-Spicy)Comforting, soothing. Influences color & intensity of dreams.  

[_]Rose* 1, 4, 6,7 (Sweet-Floral) middle/baseRelieves, sadness & disappointments, uplifting 

[_]Rosewood* 8 (Floral-Woody)  Uplifting, good for emotional confusion, balances, despair,  

[_] Tangerine (Citrus) l: Cheers, feeling of security, recalls inner child, life transitions. inspiring, eases tension, fear, sadness, irritability.

[_] Tuberose * (Floral-Sweet) Strengthens, protects energy, compliments one’s character, sensual for boundaries while taking care of the needs of others.


[_]Ylang ylang 1,2,4,5,6,7 (Sweet Floral Exotic)middle/base.  Relieves tension, anger, emotional coldness, self-esteem





*Do not use during pregnancy, without consultation with an aromatherapist & midwife, may stimulate contractions. 

**Avoid if you have high blood pressure or are epileptic.     






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