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KNOWLEDGE OF SELF: Mathematical Code Blueprint
[__/_] Inner Child: ........ Emotions, talents, friendship

[__/_] Life Purpose: .... Develop skills for “Building”

[__/_] Destiny: ............... Area of opportunities & skills

[__/_] Heart: .................. True motivation



[]9: Integrity/Wisdom: (MARS) 18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,90,99

HUMANITARIAN: Courageous, Compassion, Romantic, Spiritual, Psychic, Generous, Sophisticated.

Shadow: Argumentative, unfocused, temperamental, wasteful, vulgar, heartless, impulsive, unfocused, wasteful, immorality, bitterness, moroseness Don't hold grudges. Think positive thoughts and forgive. Give love, sympathy, understanding & help. Interest is in worldly events. Learn foreign languages. Affirmation: "I am constantly striving to improve the imperfections of the world".

The philanthropic type. Dramatic, passionate and artistic. Natural powers of influence. Must learn to be the complete humanitarian & welfare worker. Will learn to love & serve humanity. Abandon all prejudices of race or caste, realizing the basic universality of all peoples. Place all others before self, if the general good demands it. Will learn how to give up all personal ambitions & possessions. Will attract all things and hold on to nothing. Will settle down nowhere, but the world will be home. Must learn the law of fulfillment. Give love, sympathy, help & understanding without restriction. Opportunities are among emotional, artistic & inspirational people.


Destiny is revealed much later in life. Multitalented, the exact nature of gifts may not be easy to identify. An “old soul” vibration you may choose to forego personal ambitions and be available for whatever work is sent your way. Wherever called and needed most. Here to experience circumstances that teach lessons in faith, humility, and forgiveness. May have a chance to start over again in the process. This double vibration is life work that is more of a calling than a job [_] airline owner [_] artist [_] charitable endeavors of all types [_] chemical dependency counselor [_] diplomat [_] doctor [_] electrician [_] explorer [_] foreign affairs [_] franchise owner [_] gardener [_] healer [_] health [_] health matters [_] higher education [_] horticulturist [_] iron worker [_] landscape [_] lawyer [_] lecturer [_] literature [_] magician [_] musician [_] narcotics agent [_] politician [_] preacher [_] psychic [_] researcher [_] scientist [_] social work [_] spiritual healer [_] statesperson [_] surgeon [_] teacher [_] theatre owner [_] travel

[] 9 Born to service others. Wants to make the world a better place in which to live. Will have a thirst for spiritual knowledge and an urge for freedom and wisdom that transcends one's own personal needs. People will be drawn due to foresights and broader understanding. May speak of premonitions. Will already know that knowledge belongs to those who seek it. So for anyone who seeks one's wisdom and guidance, they are very open-handed. Let go of friendships when their needs have been fulfilled. Ones innate wisdom will separate one from the crowd. Wisdom must be shared to enlighten the world, so one will not be bound by enduring ties that will limit one's mobility. Money may come easily. It is to be used so that one can travel the world over. Must live up to a higher standard than others.

[] 18: A very vivid imagination. Dreams serve as guidance. Nightmares may cause restlessness and a troubled sleep. Get plenty of exercise, fresh air, and sunlight. Go on hikes, mountain climbing, swimming, skiing, and skating. Being in nature will help to heal discomforts. Intuitive powers will depend upon the body being healthy and the mind free of negativity. Will develop natural powers of healing through touch. There's is a gentle presence that soothes, and relieves those who suffer. Is very sensitive to vibrations. Guard against being deceived by others and experiencing loss because of unforeseen dangers by hidden enemies.

[] 27: Will grow to have great spiritual strength. Is energetic and creative. Follow one's own intuitions rather than allow to be swayed by others. This ability to lead will bring much wealth and comfort. Negativity causes confusion and indecisiveness. Develop ideas in a tangible way. Bring ideas out of the realm of concepts and make them a reality.

FOR THE MASTERS: 99/9 Master Universal Compassion And Love:

Sacrifice Inheriting the spiritual strength of great avatars of the past. Responsible for teaching health through universal purity freeing self from former negative habits & ideas through the concept of healing touch, love therapy & spiritual sensitivity, often misunderstood. Artistic genius, teacher

[___.__] Learn spiritual strength of great avatars of the past.

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