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KNOWLEDGE OF SELF: Mathematical Code Blueprint
[__/_] Inner Child: ........ Emotions, talents, friendship

[__/_] Life Purpose: .... Develop skills for “Building”

[__/_] Destiny: ............... Area of opportunities & skills

[__/_] Heart: .................. True motivation



[]7: Trust/Openess: (MERCURY) 16,25,34,43,52,61,79,88,97 PHILOSOPHER: Individuality, Perfection, Deep-Thinker, Analytical, Mystic, Psychic, Reserved. Shadow: secretive, sarcastic, dishonest, procrastinator, will not accept advice, withdrawn, no faith, turbulenct, drink, malice, deceit, suppression, theft, cheating, crafty Take time out for a few moments of quiet time alone. Seek wisdom & the hidden truths, understand the unseen. Apply universal laws to material affairs.

The scientific & thinking type. Very analytical & observing. Technical abilities. Seek wisdom & the hidden truths. Learn to understand the unseen. Develop subjectively, in order to be a fit priest & counselor. Learn to be alone & not lonely. Do not concern yourself with the accumulation of material possessions. You must apply spiritual laws to material affairs. Rest study, meditate, worship, & know who you are. Do not insist upon partnerships or leadership. Opportunities come through what is brought to you rather than what you seek for yourself. There is dislike of manual labor. You operate best in an atmosphere of refinement & culture. The Number 7 By Numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn EXCERPT: What do your numbers say about you


  • [_] archeologist
  • [_] astrologer
  • [_] astronomer
  • [_] author
  • [_] biographer
  • [_] careers involving research
  • [_] careers involving study of nature
  • [_] computer designer
  • [_] dentist
  • [_] engineering
  • [_] farmer
  • [_] fine work with hands
  • [_] healer
  • [_] historical novelist
  • [_] history
  • [_] invention
  • [_] investigator
  • [_] lawyer
  • [_] library cataloger or indexer
  • [_] mathematics
  • [_] photographer
  • [_] preacher
  • [_] private investigator
  • [_] psychic
  • [_] psychic reader
  • [_] radiologist
  • [_] researcher
  • [_] specialist or analyst in any field
  • [_] technical writer
  • [_] technician
  • [_] thoroughbred horse trainer


[_] 16: Irresponsibility In Matters Of Love: Life Path: There will be many losses of social place, home, business. Do not clean to the material.

Through all tragedies come lessons:

  • [_] Love to loose
  • [_] Rise to fall

Destiny: Loss of name, position, fortune, & power, all that is material.

Heart’s Desire: False friends and broken dreams.

There will be a broken marriage, divorce. You have the abilities of a scribe carried over from a former time. You were very educated because of your exposure to philosophy, religion, science and the arts. Your mind is filled with vivid imagination. You are a good listener and have so much energy and vitality. You love to test through actual application and practice before settling for theories. Your understanding of life and truth comes through trial and error. This is the karma of illicit love affairs that in a previous time caused hurt to others. Existence was built of ignorance and wrong doing through self-well and a self-centered life. There is a struggle between the ego and the divine will. Understand the nature of will power. Humility is the key. Must learn to follow a course of higher consciousness. You must honor the spiritual nature of all things, rebuild your life on those principles. Destruction of the old, to allow for spiritual rebirth. In order to learn your lesson of life you will be tested with calamities, defeat of plans, disgrace, accidents, deception, & adversity.

You will be tested in order to strengthen your optimism and faith:

  • [___.__] follow a course of higher consciousness
  • [___.__] honor the spiritual nature of all things
  • [___.__] build your life on universal principles
  • [___.__] Learn truth and faithfulness
  • [___.__] Learn freedom from dependence on illusory material world in order to be awakened to the truth that lies in your soul
  • [___.__] through silence and meditation overcome all obstacles


  • [___.__] human pride
  • [___.__] vanity
  • [___.__] self-centered
  • [___.__] overconfidence resulting in material loss
  • [___.__] emotional discontent leading to sudden material & physical losses.
  • [___.__] disappointments in love because of misplaced affections or illicit love affairs.
  • [___.__] emotional fall because of indulgences, selfishness & unsympathetic nature.
  • [___.__] financial, professional, personal losses due to material world having control over you.
  • [___.__] difficulties because of impatience at restraints.

  • [] 7: A dreamer. Natural spiritual abilities will enable to foretell future events. Gifts can be very useful and beneficial to others. Listen to poetry and music. Very determined person, often desiring to be alone, to turn to the world of creative imagination. Some people may be uncomfortable in the presence of one with the ability to see right through people’s outer personality, and looks into the inner motives. Travel to foreign places so that information can be absorb from different cultures. Live in or visit the country often, preferred over the city. The country life is quiet, periods of quiet is needed for mental development. Very sensitive to the feel of vibrations from all things. People who do not live up to standards will be easily shut out.


  • [] 25: Very intuitive, dreams will often have prophetic messages. Develop the gifts of observation and attention to details. A very alert and energetic mind. Go to the country near a lake or a pond of water to meditate often. A spiritual crusader. Work hard and follow through with jobs, in order to achieve leadership. Negativity will bring about conflict & unfulfillment.


  • [] 34: Has the abilities to systematically integrate the material, mental, and spiritual worlds for one's own self-development. Very wise and practical.  Trustworthy, honest, and patient.  Is depended upon for the giving of straightforward answers to questions.  Will enjoy traveling to many places.


  • FOR THE MASTERS: 88/7 Master Of Material Reform:

New Awakening Power & authority of the material world with spiritual laws. Opportunities come through challenging situations. Meditation exercises that realigning brain function toning the right and left hemispheres of the brain maximize resources. Develop discipline to overcome excess by having free choice to make correct decisions by following the 8 Fold Path:

  • [] 1. Right understanding
  • [] 2. Right thought
  • [] 3. Right speech
  • [] 4. Right action
  • [] 5. Right livelihood
  • [] 6. Right effort
  • [] 7. Right mindfulness
  • [] 8. Right concentration

Study motives, decisions have a long range affecting future outcomes. Follow actions that are for the good of humanity. A seed is the thought held intensely until the idea goes into the realm of emotions. The merging of thought with emotions allows the seed to take root with a firm vibrational expression released into consciousness then birthed on the physical plane as manifestation.

Business [___.__] Link affairs of material world with spiritual laws.

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