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KNOWLEDGE OF SELF: Mathematical Code Blueprint
[__/_] Inner Child: ........ Emotions, talents, friendship

[__/_] Life Purpose: .... Develop skills for “Building”

[__/_] Destiny: ............... Area of opportunities & skills

[__/_] Heart: .................. True motivation



[]6: Vision/Acceptance: 9JUPITER) 15,24,33,42,51,60,78,87,96

COSMIC PARENT: Responsible, Harmony, Advisor, Artistic, Balanced, Home loving, Angelic.

Shadow: self-righteous, jealous, meddlesome, anxious, intrusive, cynicism, egotism, suspicion, jealousy, slavery, domestic tyranny.

Use "I" Statements. Avoid criticizing and blaming. Be respectful. Affirmation: "My value is in the service that I render to those who are in need". What appeals to me is family & community.

Comfortable with serving and doing worthwhile things. The helpful and protective type. Learn the meaning of responsibility. Must meet the problems of domesticity & assume many burdens belonging to those weaker than self for whom one is responsible for. Born to give material or spiritual aid whenever called upon, while continuing to maintain one's own ideals at all times. Never seek to adjust by forcing ideas on others. Want to be needed and to be in service to others in some way.


  • [_] actor
  • [_] artist
  • [_] baker
  • [_] beautician
  • [_] cleaning services
  • [_] designer
  • [_] divorce attorney
  • [_] doctor
  • [_] dressmaker
  • [_] fashion expert
  • [_] florist
  • [_] herbalist
  • [_] homemaker
  • [_] host or hostess
  • [_] incense chemist
  • [_] interior decorator
  • [_] marriage counselor
  • [_] musician
  • [_] nurse
  • [_] nutritionist
  • [_] perfumer
  • [_] secretarial services
  • [_] senior day care
  • [_] service providers
  • [_] singer
  • [_] teacher
  • [_] theater work
  • [_] therapist
  • [_] tutor
  • [_] voice teacher
  • [_] writer

[] 6th: Art & music helps this child to be happy. Be involved in the creative arts. Has a strong sense of honesty and fairness. Friends may seek out to settle any differences they may have. Sympathetic to friends. May offer whatever they have because of their generosity, kindness, patience and tolerance. This youth is responsible and needs a home full of love. If not found while growing up, he/she may marry and have children early. Must learn to not allow one's self to become a slave to loved ones, who use him/her as a doormat. Develop properly so as not to become a martyr, a whiner, and a complainer indulging in self-pity.

[] 15th: This child will be a good student, able to absorb knowledge easily and retain it. As he/she matures, he/she will be very good at learning from the mistakes of others. Has a great deal of magnetism and a talent for obtaining money, gifts, and favors from others. Develop a philosophical attitude toward the material world. Realize that worldly attachments can be an entrapment. Understand that obstinate adherence to materialism bring heartache & emotional disturbances. Be surrounded with laughter. Laughter relieves pressure and will uplift the spirits when feeling down.

[] 24th: Even when very young, you may notice that there is a magnetic personality and has powers of suggestion over other people. People with authority and people of influence will always be there to see one's needs. Love is for home, children, and nature. Fulfillment in life will come through creating things and nurturing them as they grow. This youth will have a strong desire for truth and justice. Others will have much respect. Visions, dreams, or experiences bring insight and enhances one's creative mind. Must learn that one is not to grow up to be domineering, stubborn or revengeful.

MASTER: 33/6 Master Teacher Of Healing Energies: Joyful Giving healing through devotion of service and responsibility from an unconditional love. A reformer of those who struggle with indulgences in negative activity. Lives life by examples of love and offering forgiveness to those who require help with transformation by the renewal of the mind. Preacher, Speaker, Teacher of teachers, [___.__] Give service and responsibility from a loving heart.

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