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KNOWLEDGE OF SELF: Mathematical Code Blueprint
[__/_] Inner Child: ........ Emotions, talents, friendship

[__/_] Life Purpose: .... Develop skills for “Building”

[__/_] Destiny: ............... Area of opportunities & skills

[__/_] Heart: .................. True motivation



[]5: Freedom/Discipline: (MARS) 14,23,32,41,50,59,68,77,86,95

LIBERATOR: Versatile, Spontaneous, Freedom-Loving, Communicator, Magnetic, Physical.

Shadow: self-indulgences related to senses, irritable, abusive, procrastinating, inconsistent, perversion, abuse of freedom, indulgence in alcohol, drugs: medications or controlled substances, sensual pleasures.

Independent & freedom loving type. Versatile & a quick thinker, good with the public. Learn foreign languages & understand all classes & conditions of people. Must learn to adapt self to unusual circumstances & conditions. Exercise ingenuity & follow various angles of development. Opportunity is away from the beaten track, if one will learn the lesson of discard & not remain in rut. Scientific, inventive & resourceful people will be beneficial, make an effort to find them. Growth is in adapting self to change & uncertainty. Works best when one is free. Intelligent and highly actived. Courageous and confident. Always talkative and thinking of future goals.

Having sports activities is very important. Play different musical instruments. Good at organizing others. Very good at debating and policy making. Born to bring in new ideas and to promote universal change. Use of traditional values in order to help to stand up for self in a safe environment before taking on the world. Have freedom of thought and action while at the same time the importance of thinking things through.

Challenges: Promising too much too soon. May over extend in areas of commitments. Dedicated, sincere but not reliable enough to meet all obligations. Questions authority and will not follow outmoded rules.


  • [_] actor
  • [_] advertising
  • [_] communications
  • [_] consultant
  • [_] copy reader
  • [_] editor
  • [_] executive
  • [_] graphologist
  • [_] import-exporter
  • [_] interpreter
  • [_] investigator or detective
  • [_] language teacher
  • [_] lecturer
  • [_] marketing consultant
  • [_] news columnist
  • [_] news correspondent
  • [_] performer
  • [_] pilot
  • [_] playwright
  • [_] politician
  • [_] private investigator
  • [_] proofreader,
  • [_] professional sports
  • [_] psychology teacher
  • [_] publisher
  • [_] salesperson
  • [_] sex therapist
  • [_] secretary
  • [_] teacher
  • [_] travel editor
  • [_] TV/radio operator
  • [_] writer

MASTER: 77/5 Master Change: Old Concepts To New Concepts

To walk the path of the initiation into conscious union with the Higher Consciousness within. Achieve inner wisdom transmute it to cosmic love through purification mentally, spiritually, emotionally, & physically checking a rebellious nature through obstacles & tests. Often misunderstood while seeking ways to help humanity. Inspiring visions of trust & faith in opportune moments of everyday occurrences of life.

[___.__] Achieve inner wisdom transmute it to cosmic love

[] 5: An adventurous nature that demands to travel physically, mentally, or spiritually. Will learn from experiences, more so than others do. Will naturally probe for information and then experiment with it. Performance is best when the problem or focus of concentration holds an interest. It is difficult to deal with people who do not respond as fast as in situations. A quick mind may lead to being impulsive. Actions must be governed by reason rather than by emotions. Make changes in a progressive way. A great communicator, talkative and enthusiastic about life. When not in control of one's energy, there will be outbursts of temper.

[] 14: Has a very vivid imagination and a unique gift for manuscript writing. It seems as though the knowledge comes from being exposed to philosophy, religion, science and the arts of all kinds to help create this educated mind. Temper passions so as not to cause health problems, strength will be tested. Overcoming the tests will lead to unlimited success.

KARMIC DEBT: 14/5 Lack Of Accountability & Responsibility Life Path: There will be loss of things closes to you: home, business, family, loved ones, sweethearts. Learn the lesson of detach ment. Let things go Destiny: Many disappointments and losses to encounter on the material plane Heart’s Desire: Experiences of many emotional upsets & delays. Accidents, sickness, sudden death. There will be broken love affairs. Your personality is so attractive, others find you magnetic. You have a talent for writing & speaking. Your clear sightedness has the ability to assess circumstances accurately. In a past life there was misuse of personal freedom associated in matters concerning sexual appetites. A need for mental and emotional stability. Be flexible and adaptable.

Through understanding develop humility and compassion and an overflowing love. It is required that this lesson be learned the hard way in order that personal freedom will be correctly understood.

  • [___.__] maintain a balance among the various aspects of your life.
  • [___.__] be a positive thinker in order to avoid creating an unstable foundation
  • [___.__] establish belief system that allows you to maintain order and strengthen your faith.
  • [___.__] commit to structure in your life
  • [___.__] temper your bodily passions & desires
  • [___.__] humbleness .


  • [___.__] envy, jealousy leading to divorce
  • [___.__] gaining freedom by destructive methods
  • [___.__] gaining freedom at the expense of others
  • [___.__] nervous impulsive behavior
  • [___.__] too much interest sensual pleasures
  • [___.__] living for sensation causing physical appetites to harm you.
  • [___.__] going to extremes
  • [___.__] overworking yourself bringing on physical maladies  

[] 23: Learns easily and retains what has learned. A quick, and clever brain. Has a gift in speech and writing. Thrives on constant change and adventure, sometimes headstrong. Has a fiery energy, direct this energy into positive constructive activities. When life does is not going one's way there may be outbursts of temper. Through a willingness to help others without being patronizing or selfish, there will be opportunities that present themselves to help in one's own betterment.

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