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KNOWLEDGE OF SELF: Mathematical Code Blueprint
[__/_] Inner Child: ........ Emotions, talents, friendship

[__/_] Life Purpose: .... Develop skills for “Building”

[__/_] Destiny: ............... Area of opportunities & skills

[__/_] Heart: .................. True motivation



[]4: Stability/Process: (SATURN) 13,22,31,40,49,58,67,76,85,94

BUILDER Honest, Disciplined, Practical, Loyal, Stability, Hard-Worker, Conservative.

Shadow: Insensitive, dull, narrow-minded, stubborn, vulgarity, violent,melancholy, dogmatic, animalism, hatred, jealousy, destructive

STABILITY AND PROCESS Dependable, Problem Solver, Focused. Identify possible solutions to resolve issues, simply reschedule. Teach others who are less fortunate than myself. Cultivate flexibility in my character. Master the step-by-step process of goals. The practical type. Serious, fixed and selective ways. Likes to feel sure. Must learn strict attention to duty, service & productivity. Rise above seeming limitations. Will be given opportunities to build for lasting benefit & to teach others. Patience, service, & dependability will bring rewards.

Educational Studies: Involve them in studies that will be directly related to a career.

[] astronomy [] geology [] computer science

CAREER CHOICES Occupation Groups

  • [_] accountant
  • [_] building trades
  • [_] chemist
  • [_] draftsperson
  • [_] efficiency expert
  • [_] engineer
  • [_] executive
  • [_] farmer
  • [_] industrialist
  • [_] laboratory technician.
  • [_] machine operator
  • [_] mason
  • [_] mechanic
  • [_] miner
  • [_] numerologist
  • [_] production expert
  • [_] professional boxer
  • [_] sculptor
  • [_] seaman
  • [_] technical writer
  • [_] undertaker
  • [_] well driller
  • [_] cement mason

[_] MASTER: 22/4 Director Spiritual Consciousness.

One who will desire to use fortunes to be donated and used to build a better world. Will be able to create solutions to problems that others thought could not be solved. Will grow to be very wise with leadership and policy-making abilities. Overwork will cause imbalance and use of powers for selfish, ruthless goals rather than for the good of humanity. Over-work will bring on emotional difficulties.

Use of spiritual principles to execute plans within organizations designed to build for ap>

Use of spiritual principles to execute plans within organizations designed to build for all humanity. The reader of the Akashic Records. Use of positive altering forces & Kundalini energy to elevate & create in the image of God through spiritualization & a powerful perfect balance of internal harmony & cooperation. Business, directing others towards achievement, caring for & completing of work left undone by others. As a double 2 vibration intuition, diplomacy and organizational abilities are expressed in mastership. You are highly sensitive. Pay careful attention to details as you maintain a spiritual ideal within every organization that you have influence over. As a 22 you are a hard worker much more practical than the 11 as you bring ideas into form. Your determination shows itself as being spiritually supportive amid material & worldly conditions.

Through quiet meditation, concentration and living your life as an expression of high standards of honesty and courage you gain knowledge and victory over limitations. The information you acquire is to be used to advance the world.

Divine love will be awakened in you through pain. Pain has been a seed for you to seek a life of more purpose and deeper meaning. In pain there is a highly charged energy that is pent up. In your life you will learn ways to eliminate the pain, releasing the pent up energy by achieving a new awareness learning that love is ascended through pain not pleasure.

Having an enlarged consciousness will create a new form of living.


  • [___.__] patience
  • [___.__] discipline
  • [___.__] determination
  • [___.__] perseverance
  • [___.__] manifestation
  • [___.__] balancing inner power
  • [___.__] control of the Kundalini force
  • [___.__] the ability to create in the image of God through spiritualization & perfected balance of your inner powers.

You are here to:

  • [___.__] invent new ways to apply ancient universal principles
  • [___.__] teach for the evolution of humankind
  • [___.__] serve as an example to others
  • [___.__] build systems, projects, organizations
  • [___.__] bringing people to a higher sense of awareness
  • [___.__] direct others toward achievement in their own right
  • [___.__] attending to work which may have been left unfinished by others thought to have failed.

In the shadows/out of balance:

  • [___.__] working for selfish purposes
  • [___.__] health issues

[] 4: A very creative builder, putting everything into form and structure. Very honest, sensible, and responsible. A very patient planner. Will represent the foundation of society, others will benefit from one's reasoning and perseverance. There is a gift for examining situations and making judgments based upon reason. There will be a tendency to become a workaholic. Being overly concerned or fearful about the need for security could prevent having enjoyable relationships with others.

[] 13: Always undergoing constant change. As soon as a situation seems settled, a new set of circumstances will present themselves to replace the old. Needs a secure home and secure relationships of bonds that are lasting. Has the ability to transform lost causes into worthwhile ventures through their understanding of the real values in life. Able to see right through people and situations, cannot be easily fooled. A bad temper could tear down structures. Stay focused on bringing about peaceful changes that will improve the living standards of the world. Has the gift of taking whic Debt [___.__] 13: Inspirational Beginning: Rebirth & Renewal Life Path: Destiny: Heart’s Desire:

More than any other vibration you have the potential to bring about peaceful changes that will improve the living standards of the world. You will lead a life of constant change. New sets of circumstances always present themselves to you in order to replace the old. The constant renewal of energy keeps you alert. Because of the changes in your life, a secure home and secure relationships with people are very grounding for you. You have the intuitive ability to see through people and situations. It is not easy for someone to fool you or to lead you astray because of your analytical powers and perceptions. In your past life you did not apply yourself to work. Instead you got by letting others do your share of the work. The vibration of change and transformation.

Work constructively through hard work. Trials and test of proficiency will come to bring solutions. Success comes through discipline. Death means to die from one existence in order to be born into another. Change is simultaneous birth and death. The lower understanding of death is to think in terms of destruction and degeneration of the body. The higher innerstanding of death involves attainment through regeneration by using powers to create and leave something of value with the world. You have the power to bear the burdens with little complaint Your mind can transform the desperate situations of lost causes into a worthwhile opportunity through your philosophy and innerstanding of principles and values.

  • [___.__] discovery of fertile soil where others see only wasteland
  • [___.__] taking on something that is dying and change it to life i.e. businesses
  • [___.__] salvage a relationship about to break and bond it more strongly.
  • [___.__] transforming business, relationships, or social causes
  • [___.__] taking the discarded, reworking it and producing something useful.
  • [___.__] maintain order
  • [___.__] change of consciousness
  • [___.__] bringing about peaceful changes to improve the living standards of the world.


  • [___.__] scattering energies over many projects.
  • [___.__] dissipating creative energies in pursuit of transitory desires.
  • [___.__] substance abuse
  • [___.__] unsavory relationships
  • [___.__] destructive actions that bring disaster to self and to others
  • [___.__] bad temper and rash actions hurting others in the efforts to build
  • [___.__] being in spiritual amnesia: destroying rather than regenerating
  • [___.__] looking for shortcuts & quick way out.
  • [___.__] laziness
  • [___.__] inefficiency
  • [___.__] being indifferent
  • [___.__] being discontented
  • [___.__] fear of death

[] 31: A very competitive natural fighter. Will work hard to prove a point. Every obstacle will be looked at as a chance to prove one's merit. Cooperate with others in order to accomplish goals. A negative attitude will result in a life filled with struggle, disputes, and difficulties.


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