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KNOWLEDGE OF SELF: Mathematical Code Blueprint
[__/_] Inner Child: ........ Emotions, talents, friendship

[__/_] Life Purpose: .... Develop skills for “Building”

[__/_] Destiny: ............... Area of opportunities & skills

[__/_] Heart: .................. True motivation



[]2:Cooperation/Balance: (MOON) 11,20,29,38,47,56,65,74,83,92 PARTNER:

Peace, Diplomat, Friendship, Cooperation, Musical, Self-Sufficient, Reliable.

Shadow: overwhelmed, insincere, petty, indecisive, shy, timid, selfpitying, oversensitive, deceptiveness, cruel, bad temper, slyness, lying, pessimism, resistant Once calm, express anger with assertiveness, not being aggressive.

A good mixer able to influence others in a quiet way. Diplomatic, sensitive, cooperative type. Opportunity is in diplomacy & among friends. Born to follow the lead of others. Work carefully & patiently on small details. Governed by ideas of service & cooperation. Put oneself under the law of giving & receiving. A natural at expressing patience & persistence.


  • [_] answering service,
  • [_] arbitrator,
  • [_] architect,
  • [_] artist,
  • [_] auto detailer,
  • [_] bill collector,
  • [_] bookkeeper,
  • [_] caterer,
  • [_] clerk,
  • [_] cosmetician,
  • [_] custodian,
  • [_] daycare
  • [_] designer,
  • [_] diplomat,
  • [_] foreign minister,
  • [_] gallery owner,
  • [_] insurance adjuster
  • [_] interpreter,
  • [_] lawyer,
  • [_] legislator,
  • [_] librarian,
  • [_] minister,
  • [_] poet,
  • [_] politician,
  • [_] recycler,
  • [_] senior citizen day care,
  • [_] teacher

[] 2: This youth will gather ideas and experience through others. He/she has a kind, and gentle nature. He/she will prefer to stay quiet and in the background. This youth has very strong imaginative powers and can see the hidden aspects of life’s beauty. He/she has the ability to see every detail with an all-seeing eye. Keep his/her surroundings a happy one, if not he/she will be overly sensitive and become depressed. Teach him/her to guard against becoming a doorstep or a servant to others.

[] 20: Teach this youth to make judgments based on reasons and not appearances. Encourage them to size people up people by their works and not by their outward appearances or reputations. He/she will always be con- fronted with the need to make a choice. There will always be new plans, new purposes, and new ambitions that will present themselves demanding his/her decisive actions. Give this youth activities that will prepare him/her. While still young present him/her with scenarios that will have them weigh and measure all of the facts, then arrive at the best possible answer. This will help him/her to develop and overcome difficulties later in life.

[] 11: MASTER: 11/2 Spiritual Messenger Master Illumination: Healer Use of truth & guiding light to raise world spirituality to Cosmic Consciousness for a new vision, new health, & a new view regarding life. Has the power to change environments in order to create these new conditions, building new minds & bodies. Must work on goals/missions that provide service to the public. Promoter, teacher, speaker, writer

[___.__] Develop honesty and integrity.

[___.__] Teach from experience.

He/she is a natural visionary wih a very strong interest in spiritual studies. They will have compassion for all types of people, and have a desire to uplift others. He/she will enjoy educating others. This youth will have a strong sense of justice, fairness, and honesty. This youth will have a very active life, meeting tests and challenges. Instill proper moral values in this youth at an early age. It is important that he/she not use her natural talents in a harmful way. This will prove dangerous for him/her. He/she will grow to inspire people to move in a specific direction, or to adopt a new life-style.

[] 29: This child has the vision and foresight to look beyond the ordinary world. As he/she matures this talent will allow him/her to achieve wealth and success in the business world. Difficulties with indecision and uncertainties can draw unreliable friends and contracts that may bring testing situations. This youth will always want to have the last word. Teach him/her how to use cooperation. Teach them the value of making a decision and sticking by it. Let him/her know that goals and dreams will be achieved after perseverance and struggle.

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