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Lydia Men-Na’a Pickett

Atlanta, GA 30311       770-912-5800


WHOLISTIC STRESS CONTROL INSTITUTE Atlanta, Georgia    2002 – Present

TRIPLE P POSITIVE PARENTING Positive Parenting Facilitator, Holistic Health Educator

  • A child abuse & neglect prevention program. Parents learn how to reduce “A.C.E.’s” promoting parent/child relationship bonding. In these series of classes parental concerns about disobedience, tantrums, ADHD, social media usage, & other perceived behavior problems at home or school are addressed. Parents are taught life skills, setting goals for handling high-risk situations & effectively advocate for a child. Weekly charts are used to match positive parenting strategies for a child’s age of mental developmental & physical growth. Parents learn how to provide a safe, healthy, and happy home using stress management techniques. Individual telephone consultations mentor parents with problem solving techniques. Parents are coached to practice the skills learned in class at home. Case management is provided & a list of referrals are given to parents of community resources. Taught at daycares, community base centers, rehab & re-entry centers. For Parents of children 0-12 years old.


  • A diabetes prevention program educating about wellness & management. Classes educate senior participants in how to: 1) reduce risk factors for developing diabetes, 2) improve mental, emotional & physical well-being with preparing soups, 3) improve lifestyle choices & behaviors to enjoy health during the senior years.

C.I.R. (Color It Real), Senior Case Manager, Holistic Health Educator.

  • A STI/HIV/SA Program designed to increase condom use, reduce substance abuse & perceived stress. Educating college age students about HIV transmission, healthier relationship building, & "at-risk" behaviors. Developed a STI/HIV/SAP evidence-based Prevention Program & Curriculum for Adults 18-24 years old

P.A.A.T.H (Pointing African Americans Towards Health) Holistic Health Educator.

  • A Teen Abstinence Program. Conducted Hepatitis C, HIVP/SAP Nutritional Awareness sessions. Provided education and counseling. Collected data to develop prevention plans for students.  Completed individual needs assess-ments and made appropriate referrals when needed. Worked with youth in high schools, alternative schools, group homes as well as the YMCA, The Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  For ages 14-18

PEACE PROJECT Holistic Health Educator,

  • This Violence Prevention Program teaches anger management and conflict resolution skills to Middle School students, teachers and parents, as well as stress management techniques. Teaching small groups of students during their “In-School-Suspension” how to use aromatherapy, meditation, effective com-munication skills and peacemaking concepts to reduce violence. For youth ages 12-14 years old.

FAMILY MAASAI PROJECT Holistic Health Educator, HIV/AIDS Prevention Educator, Project Director

  • STD/HIV Prevention Program involved educating & demonstrating effective condom use to incarcerated male & female youth in juvenile detention centers, and women in prison transition centers. Ages 14-56+ years old

CHOOSING ABSTINENCE PROUDLY Holistic Health Educator, Teen Abstinence Project Director

  • Presented educational material to parents at PTA meetings. Sites included: High School, group homes, homeless shelters, and drug rehabilitation centers. For youth ages 10-18 years old. 

WHEN YOU TEACH A WOMAN YOU TEACH A NATION, Holistic Health Educator, Doula, Childbirth Educator Atlanta, GA,    Berkeley, CA  2001-Present

  • A Prenatal, Childbirth Education, & Postpartum Program.  Mothers learn how nutrition supports a healthier pregnancy, ways to reduce complications associated with stress during the childbearing year & receive lessons on prepared childbirth. Preparation for breastfeeding is taught. Mothers learn about “Self-Care” & support, planning to reduce postpartum depression. For mothers of all ages


“Call to Womanhood Conference”, “Conversations with Our Daughters” Project.  Atlanta, Georgia 2001 – 2003

  • Mother & Daughter Program. Addressed teen pregnancy, parenting, the value of self, family, & appropriate sexual responsibility. Conducted “Staff Development Day” Workshops. Tips on Identifying causes of dysfunction in self leading to stress & tension at work & home. How to use aromatherapy and meditation to manage life.

WRFG 89.3 FM COMMUNITY RADIO STATION, Holistic Health Educator, Consultant, "Knowledge Of Self Mathematical Analysis"

As a regular guest Numerologist Consultant with various "Air-Shifters". Atlanta, Georgia 2001-2019

Topics include:

  • "When You Teach A Woman, You Teach A Nation" Naturally Prepared Childbirth Education
  • Health, Wealth, and Romance" concerns with daily living



  • Accredited Holistic Health Educator, Massage Therapist, National Holistic Health Institute, Emeryville, CA
  • Accredited Triple P Positive Parenting Facilitator, Atlanta, GA
  • Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator Birth & Bonding International, Albany CA
  • Certified STD/HIV/SA (substance abuse) Prevention, Red Cross, Atlanta, GA
  • Certified Teen Abstinence Instructor, Character Building Instructor & Case Manager, Atlanta, GA
  • Certified Youth Mental Health First Aider, Georgia Department of Education Project Aware, Atlanta, GA
  • Adolescent Reproductive Health Education, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  • CHRIS KIDS Institute, Mental Health 101 Overview, Atlanta GA
  • Healthy Love Party, "Safer-Sex" Condom Instruction Sisterlove, Atlanta, GA
  • Motivational Interviewing Prevention, Intervention STD/HIV/SAP Mgmt., Athens, GA                
  • Renaissance Midwifery, Apprentice, "Pre-Birth Parenting" Nutritional Educator, Oakland, CA
  • RISE Reaching & Intervening with Survivors Effectively, Domestic Violence Training, Sisterlove, Atlanta, GA
  • Sexual Behavior in Children, What’s Normal, What’s Not, Inner Harbour, Douglasville, GA
  • Wholistic Stress Control Institute, Certificate Anger Management, Atlanta, GA


  • Eastmoor High School, Columbus, OH
  • Berkeley Senior High School, Berkeley, CA


  • Auset National Black Herstory Conference Award, Emory University Atl, GA
  • Habesha Community Service Award, Atlanta Marietta PLC, Teen Parenting Mentorship Award, Marietta, GA
  • Morehouse School of Medicine Appreciation Award, Atlanta
  • Marietta PLC Teen Mothers Mentoring Award, Marietta, Georgia


Job preferences Desired Job Title Positive Parenting Facilitator, Holistic Health Educator Desired

Job Types Part-time, Full-time, Consultant Contract Desired Salary $45.000.00 per year

I am looking for positions as an Accredited Positive Parenting Facilitator. I have 5 years experience with 25+years experience working with families as a Certified Doula.  I’m very proud of having a record of educating satisfied mothers and fathers who developed a stronger bond with their children, feeling more confident about their parenting skills, and involvement as a co-parenting team player.


  • Behavioral Health
  • Problem Solving
  • Organizational Skills
  • Public Speaking 


"Birth work" is a passion. It's where the story begins. It is where answers to concerns can be found for balancing life in:

  • [_] HEALTH:     
  • nutrition & activities
  • [_] WEALTH:    
  • educational pursuits for naturally suitable business opportunities, and careers
  • [_] ROMANCE:  
  • family relationships, friendships, partnerships Life experiences of health, wealth, and romance is written into the patterns of birth accompanied by choices made during the lifetime, in association with the shifting of vibrational cycles.


My experience in working with families with a passion for helping women and children makes me a great candidate for this position. I am an Accredited Positive Parenting Facilitator for 5 years with 25+years experience as a Certified Doula.

I’m very proud of having a record of educating satisfied mothers and fathers who developed a stronger bond with their children, feeling more confident about their parenting skills, and family involvement as a team player.

While working 17 years at Wholistic Stress Control Institute, here in Atlanta I gained a wealth of experience expanding my prior knowledge in helping women develop life skills, parenting skills and stress management techniques.

It’s been my goal to develop relationships with parents to better understand their needs in order to assess how I could actively work to provide solutions to family concerns & reduce the risk factors interfering with their positive parenting skills through personalized planning and incorporating effective techniques that enhanced competency and effective skills, taught from an evidence based model.

These sessions also focused on

  • [_] anger management
  • [_] teaching parents how to develop positive relationships with themselves
  • [_] teaching parents how to develop positive relationships with their children 
  • [_] how to advocate for their children
  • [_] reducing the risk of child maltreatment and
  • [_] children’s disruptive behaviors

With over 25+ years of experience in handling case loads of clients, being responsible for assisting them in creating goals, listing their plans and the steps needed to take towards achieving them, my skill set would make me perfect for positions involving families. It involves mentoring and documenting progress through individual case management sessions. My experience in this field has taught me that in many circumstances I must be innovative when it comes to solutions and creative in encouraging and motivating & mentoring clients through their progress. This has been my life’s work; I believe in helping parents.

Through my experience with mothers and fathers we've worked with mental illness, drug addiction, and/or homelessness. With my critical thinking skills, passion for public interest work, and determination, the experiences have been eye opening and rewarding.


Practical exercises teach & intergrate the "Knowledge Of Self" for Self-Development & Life Purpose to address: missed opportunities, disappointments, anger & stress management to create peace & harmony within self while reducing "At-Risk" behaviors. Discussions involve re-membering of how womblife & birth affects the cycles of life & are at the root of emotions. Exploring ways of releasing the undesirable weaker character traits & build upon the stronger attributes, through practicing ancient creative therapies of:

  • [_] Aroma
  • [_] Color
  • [_] Music
  • [_] Meditation
  • [_] Food &
  • [_] Environmental awareness.










All decisions made to utilize the information or activities is strictly that of the participant. Information is educatioonal and does not constitute as medical advice, and in no way encourages or supports decisions to abandon medication or regimens prescribed by one's doctor. The information is shared with the understanding that each person accepts complete responsibility for their own and of their family's health and well-being. The results of any techniques suggested cannot always be anticipated and never guaranteed. The Wholistic Health Educator(s) is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of remedies, procedures, techniques, or preparations included in group presentations or in private consultations.  Partcipant(s) must always consult with their own guidance. The information contained in each assignment package is not intended to be used as a medical diagnosis or prescription for any physical or mental ailments. Anyone seeking medical advice should personally meet with a qualified health care practitioner. For any mental or physical illness or discomforts, it is the participant’s responsibility to do research & seek the advice of a professional healer, physician, qualified mental or physical health care practitioner.

Looking forward to hearing from you and having the chance to discuss opportunities at your earliest convenience. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at or at 770-912-5800.