Nutrition: A Mother's View

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Nutrition And Well-Being

Pregnant women are the mothers of civilization. There should be a concern about what a pregnant woman eats. She’s fashioning tissues, flesh, veins, nerves, brain, and other organs. Mother is the gateway, she reforms, regenerates and co-creates. A healthier community comes from a more responsible and determined woman with support.

Birth defects and some crippling diseases can be traced back to a mother’s nutritional regime. Using fresh foods as the best materials for the best creation. Foods that still have life in them, not frozen or canned or highly processed food products. No fasting during pregnancy. When mother goes without food the baby is being deprived of food. Baby needs regular nourishment daily to develop. Maternal undernourishment is likely to permanently affect an offspring’s health into their adulthood.

Finger print patterns are dependent on a mix of genetic & prenatal environmental factors. Patterns can indicate how well mother was nourishing her baby during the womb life. Increased swirls & high pad are markers of increased susceptibility to heart disease later in life. Reference: Life In The Womb, The Origin Of Health & Disease By Peter W. Nathanielsz, MD, PhD


WHILE EATING HEALTHY FOODS What I notice about my stress level and emotional well being...

There are days when my meals get a little skimpy, or I try indulge in things that aren't so healthy. I've noticed that my emotions and my stress level sky rocket on those days. I cry more, my nerves are on edge, I may even get spells of depression for no apparent reason. When inquiring about this, I've learned through my childbirth educator the link between certain foods and stress. When you eat good things, they give you energy and balance, and you naturally feel great. This is even more true with pregnancy. It gives even greater meaning to the saying "you are what you eat."

Sherita Duff, Singer



I have to remember everything I eat significantly impacts the well-being and the make-up of my God-child. There are many times during my pregnancy when I will want only one certain type of food depending on the day. I'll want to overindulge in that food and forget that other vitamins, and nutrients are a must. As the baby gets bigger my stomach and appetite can only hold so much, so this makes the nutrition decisions even more important.


Before I began educating myself, I was unaware of the strong significance of certain types of food and their impact on developing babies and pregnant women. On my quest for knowledge, the elders have taught me that eating properly and not necessarily taking the "easy route" greatly decreases problems and complications during a normal pregnancy. At times we tend to naturally expect that by some "accident-of-nature" we will run into problems, but this is not necessarily true if you educate yourself and become aware that everything happens for a reason. Those reasons can be cut by a huge percentage if you learn how to eat right and exercise properly.


When I don't feel hungry I used to not eat or skip meals because I was always on the go. Even now that I'm creating this life, I still have times when I'm just not hungry. I soon found out, that just becuase I may not be hungry the baby certainly will be. I have to remember that someone else's life is depending on me. Therefore, I eat for the baby. Smalls meals throughout the day helps a great deal!

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